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A really useful tool for every boiler service engineer…

How many times have you been at a customer’s property servicing the boiler when during the service you realise the small part you need is at the bottom of your toolbox (or box of bits that we all seem to collect) but when you go to look you haven’t got that exact screw/washer/nut?

Or when you put the waterway back together the original fibre washer disintegrates in your hand.

Or how about looking for a short length of yard that you were sure you remembered seeing in the van last week.

We have all been there and cursed the elusive star washer that falls behind the kitchen cabinet.

At best these experiences cause us grief but at worst can lead to an extra journey or wasted time on site.

Well we know the hassle this has caused and have found the perfect lifesaver:

The Regin Boiler First Aid Kit:

  • 28 commonly used fixings for a wide range of major boiler manufacturer’s appliances with a further 4 Regin products needed for everyday service work.
  • Supplied in a high quality Regin/Raaco assorter case.

Kit comprises:

  • REGQ01 – M3 x 6 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (30)
  • REGQ02 – M4 x 10 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (20)
  • REGQ03 – M4 x 16 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (20)
  • REGQ04 – M5 x 16 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (20)
  • REGQ05 – M5 x 25 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (15)
  • REGQ06 – M6 x 16 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (10)
  • REGQ07 – M6 x 25 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (10)
  • REGQ100 – M4 Steel Star Washers (30)
  • REGQ101 – M5 Steel Star Washers (30)
  • REGQ110 – 1/2″ Fibre Washers (8)
  • REGQ111 – 3/4″ Fibre Washers (6)
  • REGQ127 – 6mm Brass Olives (6)
  • REGQ140 – Quick Blow Fuse 20mm 1A (3)
  • REGQ141 – Quick Blow Fuse 20mm 2A (3)
  • REGQ145 – Ceramic Fuse 25mm 3A (3)
  • REGQ160 – Brass Pressure Test Nipples (2)
  • REGQ220 – Red Ignition Lead Connector Female (10)
  • REGQ31 – 1/4″ x 6 S/Tap Pozi Steel Screw (30)
  • REGQ32 – 1/2″ x 8 S/Tap Pozi Steel Screw (30)
  • REGQ33 – 3/4″ x 8 S/Tap Pozi Steel Screw (30)
  • REGQ50 – M4 C/F Steel Full Nuts (30)
  • REGQ51 – M5 C/F Steel Full Nuts (30)
  • REGQ70 – M4 C/F Steel Wing Nuts (10)
  • REGQ71 – M5 C/F Steel Wing Nuts (10)
  • REGQ80 – Spire Nut No. 8 ‘U’ (5)
  • REGQ81 – Spire Nut No. 8 Angle (5)
  • REGQ90 – M4 Steel Flat Washers (30)
  • REGQ91 – M5 Steel Flat Washers (30)
  • REGP30 – Warning Appliance Unsafe Sticker (8)
  • REGY15 – Twisted Glass Yarn 6mm (5m pack)
  • REGY25 – Sealing Yarn Fixative 30ml c/w Brush
  • REGZ20 – Heat Sink Compound 25g

You could get all these bits separately, dutifully keep them in their own labelled boxes in your van and make sure that after every job the extras are put back in their right place, but you probably have much better uses for your time and focus so Regin have done the hard work for you.

Each item type is supplied in its own sealed bag and a labelled compartment with the reorder code clearly shown. So even if you do use all of one particular item you can easily re-order just exactly what you need effortlessly.

CLick HERE to order yours now.


Paul and the GasBoilerParts team.

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