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LimeTron – Probably The Most Popular Limescale Preventor In The World*

Introducing Limetron by Fluid Dynamics.fluiddynamics-logo

Recently there has been an increase in the need to soften water or at least reduce the scale build-up associated with hard water.

Whether that is because scale reduces efficiency, shortness the lifespan or products or just because scale looks ugly and is a pain tho remove I’m not sure but today there are multiple ways of combating scale.

Limescale caused by hard water is one of the largest hidden ongoing costs to any domestic and commercial heating system. It is such an issue the government legislated for installers to prevent limescale build up by introducing the heating compliance guide in part L of the UK building regulation to help reduce energy waste caused by scale build up. If a heating system is being installed in a hard water areas provisions should be taken to prevent scale accumulation in order to reduce energy waste and help reduce carbon emissions.

The most common is the humble salt water softener, followed closely by scale prevention then by magnets and chemicals and ending with prayers and foul language.

For a fuller description see my post “Focus on … Water Treatments.

The Limetron falls into the second category as it does not remove scale but “chemically changes the calcium in a reaction with bicarbonate which forms a near insoluble calcium carbonate crystal which stays suspended in the water but cannot form hard scale”.

Limetron_clipped_rev_1 (2)

This means it can be installed on the incoming mains supply for the whole house.

No more separate kitchen tap supplies or problems with combi boilers (both of which cannot use “softened water”).

  • Compliance with Part L building regulations
  • Supplied with BSP threads
  • Comes in quality stainless steel housing
  • No earthing or bonding required
  • No external power source required
  • No control box to mount
  • 10 year materials warranty
  • Over 15 year lifespan
  • Can be fitted horizontally or vertically.
  • WRAS approved
  • Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials
  • Available in ½’’ ¾’’ & 1’’ models

Simple to install with no moving parts, no electrical components, true fit and forget.


Inside is a simple corkscrew piece of catalytic alloy over which the incoming water flows. This alloy slowly erodes (expected to take more than 15 years) and the ingredients of the special alloy are what cause the chemical change in the limescale.

Here are just a few of the benefits of preventing limescale build up:

  • Eliminate maintenance caused by limescale.
  • Extend lifespan of heating equipment and maintain a more efficient heating system.
  • Reduce heating bills and help bring down carbon emissions.

This technology is not new and has been manufactured by Fluid Dynamics in the UK since 1973. But don’t judge the technology by the description alone but by some of their existing customers:

  • Marks & Spencers
  • Coca-Cola
  • Unilever
  • Waitrose
  • John Lewis
  • Kimberley Clark
  • Nestle
  • and thousands More
Manufactured in the UK, Limetron is based on the CATALYTIC water conditioner manufactured in the UK by Fluid Dynamics. With a track record stretching over 40 years and over 300,000 installations worldwide the catalytic method of water conditioning is proven by industry and academia time and time again. What makes Limetron so effective is the unique properties within its catalytic alloy which is able to affect dissolved calcium bi-carbonate and prevent this from forming limescale in pipes, valves, pumps and heating elements.

Best of all the price is lower than most water softeners and MUCH lower than similar products.

Why not pop into the shop (here is a map if you haven’t been in before), see the unit first hand and get a price?



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