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The first in a series of 3 mini posts detailing Delta Dore’s upgrade to their range released earlier this year (April) as an update to their excellent range of wired and wireless thermostats and programmers.

The range has taken time to filter through the supply chain but now that they are all available it would be a good time to show the new models explain the updates and improvements against the old version.

For a full breakdown of the old range see – Delta Dore – Range Information 2012 – by clicking here.

Digital Wireless Room Thermostat – non Programmable “Simplicity Range”


Core Product

Premium Product

Current (obsolete)



D10 RF (Ref: 6050487)

D10 RF

D10 RF

TYBOX 23 (Ref: 6053035)



TYBOX 33 (Ref: 6053002)



  • Receiver: 300m Range, Pre-cabled, Pre-associated
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Chrono-proportional (TPI) control
  • 3 set temperatures: comfort, setback, frost protection
  • + and – T°C control
  • Room T°C/set T°C display
  • Lockable
  • Volt Free Contacts
  • Current best seller

  • Backlit screen


All other features/benefits the same.

  • Temperature control via dial
  • Timed override
  • 3 set temperatures: comfort, setback, frost
  • Both Room T°C  & set T°C displayed
  • Larger Backlit Screen
  • Off button
  • Lockable
  • All other features/benefits from core product
Hard Wired Versions:
D10 (Obsolete)Battery powered TYBOX 21: 6053034 TYBOX 31: 6053001
Wireless Wallplate Receiver Versions*:
D10 WRF (Obsolete)*Universal Industry Standard Backplate Receiver- ideal for replacements TYBOX 24: 6053014 TYBOX 34: 6053016
Mechanical Stat (Hardwired)    
New TYBOX 10: 6053038


As you can see, quite a few improvements on an already great product.

And don’t forget their 5 Year Warranty.

For the full range and to buy now click here:

Buy now from GasBoilerParts.co.uk

And there’s more … 2 more categories of controller updated for 2013, for more information click on the link s below-

Lastly as a little bonus for getting to the bottom of the article below are links to the relevant “Quick Setup Guides” and full catalogue:

TYBOX 21/23/24 Quick Setup Guide (1385 downloads )

TYBOX 31/33/34 Quick Setup Guide (4583 downloads )

EcoSmart Catalogue (1900 downloads )

All the best,


6 Responses to Delta Dore – New for 2013 – Room Thermostats

  1. Tom Smith January 18, 2014 at 12:34 pm #

    Hi can you tell me is it normal for a Delta Dore D10 wired Thermostat controller to make a clicking sound.It’s new only had it in for a few months now.Regards Tom Smith

    • Paul January 21, 2014 at 9:10 am #

      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for asking, to make sure I didn’t give you “duff” advice I asked our technical support rep.
      This is the reply from the Delta Dore –
      “As its a hard wired room thermostat it should click off when it reaches temperature, and click back on when the stat calls for heat.
      If I understand correctly this is what is happening.
      If this isn’t the case and the room stat is constantly clicking I’d recommend a battery pull for about 2 mins and then seeing if that solves it.”
      He has also offered to give you a call directly if it would help. Just email us (info@gasboilerparts.co.uk) with your contact details and he will give you a call OR if you would prefer I can pass on his details to you for you to contact him. Whichever fits best if needed.

  2. Robert Momot September 19, 2017 at 4:38 pm #

    What is the snowflake symbol/ frost protection about?

    • Paul Stevenson September 19, 2017 at 4:47 pm #

      Hi Robert, The snowflake symbol denotes frost protection/holiday/off. In other words if you turn the temperature down to its minimum (pre-set at 8C) you are effectively turning off the heating unless the temperature drops below 8c in which case the device will turn on the heating to protect the boiler and system from damage low temperatures, called frost protection.


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