Christmas Delivery Schedule 2017 -2018



Christmas is a great time of year, food, presents, family and more but if the heating fails, finding and and getting parts can be a nightmare.

We will be open over the Holiday period (if you want to pop into the shop, our opening times can be found here) and sending out orders all over the Christmas and New Year break.

This schedule/guide is just that, a guide as couriers can be a law unto themselves when it comes to actually getting the parcel to your doorstep (massive additional Christmas volume, bad weather, odd working hours for the depot’s and drivers, even going into Administration!) all have an impact.

BUT we have chosen our current collection of couriers (yes we have more than one to choose from) with care so expect very little, if any disruption in the coming weeks.

Remember we only deliver to the  UK Mainland and these delivery details exclude Highlands (add 2 working days or contact us and we can advise).

For full information please see our standard delivery policy here:

and our delivery guarantee here:


Date of OrderTime of OrderDelivery Date
Wednesday 20th DecemberBefore 2:00 PMThursday 21st December
Wednesday 20th DecemberBefore 2:00 PMFriday 22nd December
Thursday 21st DecemberBefore 2:00 PMFriday 22nd December
Thursday 21st DecemberAfter 2:00 PMWednesday 27th December
Friday 22nd DecemberBefore 2:00 PMWednesday 27th December
Friday 22nd DecemberAfter 2:00 PMThursday 28th December
Saturday 23rd DecemberAll DayThursday 28rd December
Sunday 24th DecemberAll DayThursday 28th December
Monday 25th DecemberAll DayThursday 28th December
Tuesday 26th DecemberAll DayThursday 28th December
Wednesday 27th DecemberBefore 2:00 PMThursday 28th December
Wednesday 27th DecemberAfter 2:00 PMFriday 29th December
Thursday 28th DecemberBefore 2:00 PMFriday 29th December
Thursday 28th DecemberAfter 2:00 PMTuesday 2nd January
Friday 29th DecemberBefore 2:00 PMTuesday 3rd January
Friday 29th DecemberAfter 2:00 PMWednesday 3rd January
Saturday 30th December All DayWednesday 3rd January
Sunday 31st DecemberyAll DayWednesday 3rd January
Monday 1st JanuaryAll DayWednesday 3rd January
Tuesday 2nd JanuaryBefore 2:00 PMWednesday 3rd January
Tuesday 2nd JanuaryAfter 2:00 PMThursday 4th January


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Paul and The GasBoilerParts Team


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