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BritTherm™ Domestic Standard with Guarantee

Brittherm UPSA Pump Compatability.

The Brittherm UPSA domestic circulating pump is a low-cost alternative to many of the well known brand pumps.

To help identify exactly which make and model pump it can replace, Brittherm has created a listing of equivalent pump models.

Below is the section specifically dealing with the UPSA pump so every model listed below can be replaced with the Brittherm UPSA pump:

Manufacturer Models
Grundfos UP, UPS 4m, 5m & 6m, UPS2 & UPSD (15-50, 15-60 & 25-60 models)
Wilo Yonos Pico 15/1-6-130, Gold, Gold Star, Gold 50, 60 & RS25
DAB VA55/130 & VA65/130, Evotron 60/130, Evosta 40/70
Salus MP100A & MP200A
Stuart Turner ST 15/60 (130)
Lowara Ecocirc, Ecocirc Basic & Premium 25-40 & 25-6 (130)
Antares Type S40 to S60, Alfamax RS & AS 15/40 to RS & AS 25/60 (130)
Embrass Peerless Eclipse CFA 25-50 & 60-130
Tower APUMP+
Boiler M8 RS25/6G-130, RS25/6EAR-130, GPA25-6 II AC & GPD25-6S-130
FHS LPS40-6S/130
Pegler Terrier TC5 & TC6
Circulating Pumps (Myson) CP50, CP60 & Myson LA, SD, CP53 & CP63
Flomasta 25-5-130 & 25-6-130
Smiths ES2 25-60/130
IBO OHI, BETA, MAGI & NOVA 25-60/130
SMC Cadet, Commodore & Comet 130
Katsu 151711
Cura GPA 25-6 II
Ferro GPA 25-6 II
Euramo MXL 130, D, Gold, Solid Gold, Goldstar
Arcus 356R & 136EA
Jass Ferry KBD20-6S-130 & KBD25-6S-130
Primaflow CP5, CP6, CPE6 & HE-6
Tucson GPD25-5S & RS256EA
CBS CBS 60 & CBS Intel 15-60 130
Adlink Type 15-60/130 & 25-60/130
Anchor Pumps Desgee AC 15-130
Bacoeng DN40-6G
Trident WPB 25-6
WSTN WRS 25-60/130

Please note, this information is supplied by Brittherm as a guide. GasBoilerParts.co.uk does not offer any guarantee related to the advice from manufacturers.

This information is correct as per the manufacturer’s advice on 15th April 2020

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