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Keston Boilers, now Keston Heating.

We have always had a special relationship with Keston Boilers Ltd and with the changes that have recently taken place we see Keston Heating going forward with a new direction and purpose.

A bit of (old) History – the beginings of Keston.

Keston Heating started as a division of Stevenson Heating Ltd in the early 1990’s as Keston Boilers then became a limited company (still within the Stevenson group) in 1995. Over the next 10 years its product range grew from the original Keston 50, 60 and 80 domestic boilers to  include the 130 and 170 and finally 260 and 340 at which point they introduced their new, more efficient heat exchanger design and the Celsius range was born. At the same time the duet range and the ground breaking prefabricted “rig” idea were born. The “rigs” were successful as they matched smaller output boilers to a header system and frame to give umlimited combinations of boilers and controls for the lartger commercial sector.

Some recent History – the big change.

In 2005 Keston Boilers was purchased by the Caradon Group who control (among others) Ideal Boilers and Stelrad Radiators. This coincided with the launch of the 3rd generation of Keston boilers being sold today.

And now to the present…

Most recently Keston has had their entire operation moved to the Ideal offices in Hull and most importantly their spares support and supply systems merged into the Ideal supply chain. As such, combine this with a change of contact details (see below) some Keston customers are finding it difficult to source Keston spare parts but we are uniquely suited to help those in trouble.

How we can help you…

As a part of the original Stevenson Heating Ltd group we have been stocking (not just supplying) Keston spares through Stevenson Sales since the company first started in 1995 and have been supplying British Gas directly on behalf of Keston for the past 10 years so we have a wealth of experience and huge stocks.

Neither the purchase of Keston Boilers by Caradon nearly 5 years ago or the recent move to consolidate spares supplies with Ideal have diminished our position as the biggest stockist of Keston spares in the UK so if you need a Keston part, we can always deliver.

For a list of parts available on-line see our site – www.gasboilerparts.co.uk

For your reference the new Keston Heating contact details:

Keston Heating,
PO Box 103,
National Avenue,
Kingston Upon Hull,

Tel: 01482 443005
Fax: 01482 467133
email: info@keston.co.uk
web: www.keston.co.uk


The Gas Boiler Parts Team

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3 Responses to Keston Boilers, now Keston Heating.

  1. Daren Macleod November 16, 2015 at 6:36 pm #

    Hi I have a Keston Celsius 25 boiler and I am
    After a pressure reducing valve that connects to the expansion relief
    Valve that the cold water feeds through .
    Please could you let me know if you stock this and
    How much this item would be
    Yours faithfully
    Daren Macleod

  2. Wiktorjohnson October 11, 2017 at 8:30 am #

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    Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. Wiktorjohnson January 9, 2018 at 6:56 am #

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