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Whats the deal with The Green Deal?

Hi Paul,

On Monday I attended a seminar with various high level speakers who would apparently uncover the myths being reported by the media. They even promised a Government Minister!

This was because last week I mentioned that I would be writing a blog post explaining the basics of “The Green Deal” to help anybody interested in getting an introduction to the questions that many people have.

So along I went to North Kent and in fact the seminar organisers did deliver on the Minister front. Greg Barker, the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change gave a speech but unfortunately, like the rest of the seminar he gave absolutely nothing away.

I came away almost knowing less than I did when I went in.

So, rather than repeating the scare stories and media hype here are links to the most reliable (ish) resources regarding “The Green Deal”:

Green Deal Installer information –

Green Deal Customer information –

But why should you care?

As an installer:

1) Because possibly the Green Deal will change this industry dramatically IF it is accepted by homeowners AND installers
2) Becasue it is not going to go away. The Government are looking for this to be in place for the next 20 years.
3) Money is being pumped into it and at the moment handed out to reimburse some or in some cases all training and apprentice costs. Now is a good time to take on an apprentice or just gain some extra skills.
4) Now is not a good time to hide and think that everything will be the same as it was 3 years ago. Two recessions and gloomy outlook will mean it will be a long time before we get back to that kind of growth.

As a customer:

1) Although the benefits are small and long term, as the initiative gains momentum, more and more properties will have work done under this scheme and it is hoped that it will become the norm.
2) Expensive installations of energy saving technologies can be installed (as long as they meet the rules) with little or no immediate cost to the homeowner.
3) As energy prices increase, this scheme will be more and more cost effective and attractive.

So what to do now?

Read the links above, they are very short (as there is not a great deal of information anyway) and keep an eye out for more news over the coming few months as this could potentially change the way thousands of customers get their boilers installed and how thousands of Gas Fitters get their next job.



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