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Traffic, Fuel and Time Wasting

Hi Subscriber,

The recent fuel shortage has highlighted how important travel and your van is in running your business.

Without it you would not be able to work but it is also of the most expensive parts of your business as each and every journey you make in it costs you money not only in fuel but in your time.

I know you still have to get to your customers property to do the work but what if you could cut out some of the wasted time spent sitting in traffic or driving the 10 miles to your supplier?

In fact how long do you think you spend travelling to various merchants getting parts or supplies each day?

30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 or more hours?

If it was just 30 minutes a day thats 2 &1/2 hours a week, thats more than 16 working DAYS a year!

Now I know some journeys have to be taken but if you could just stop half of those journeys you could fit an extra weeks work or another week in the sun just by letting us deliver your spares directly to you or your customer. By ordering from www.gasboilerparts.co.uk you get

  • Next working day delivery Guaranteed or you get your money back (click here for details).
  • A fixed £5 delivery charge for anything from a small box to a pallet.
  • Only one delivery charge for the order, even if it has to be split into multiple deliveries.

Have a look at the range of manufacturers and products we can supply whilst you think about what you could do with all that extra time?


Paul, Gary, Dave and Rob

The Gas Boiler Parts Team

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