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Technology, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing…


I owe you an appology.

You might of noticed a lack of emails from me last week and wondered had I given up on keeping you all in touch with GasBoilerParts was I unwell, sacked, given up?

Well, nothing so dramatic, I had actual just gone on Holiday to Cornwall for a week (it was fine despite the weather in case you were wondering).

But that’s not the reason for appologising. Actually I wanted to say sorry for the fact that you didn’t get any emails.

You see I had written a few and set the wonderfull techno bots on the interweb to send them out during my holiday so that….

a) you still got my emails

b) you wouldn’t know I was away (not that it matters anyway)

But something went wrong.

Something akin to what used to happen when my parents tried to setup the video recorder!

I have no idea what it was and the techno bot handlers are also not sure what happened so I have recalled the emails and will send them in the near future so that you don’t miss anything.


Paul, Gary, Dave and Rob

The Gas Boiler Parts Team

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