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CO, the silent killer.

This morning I saw yet another report of a gas fitter (as usual, not registered) being taken to court by the HSE for fitting a gas appliance and leaving a number of potentially dangerous faults. The worst of which was the leaking flue and poorly set combustion.

This is not an uncommon problem and Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning is something that is getting a lot of attention at the moment in the press and even Gas Safe does regular marketing on CO, the silent killer.

Consumers are being scared by the press about CO when that should not be the case.

Yes CO is dangerous but there are solutions to the problem which are already known but often ignored.

I have just posted a new blog entry “Carbon Monoxied Detectors – Are They Worth It?” detailing the answers to what CO is, how and why it is created, what the dangers are and what simple steps can be taken to safeguard homeowners and tenants.

As a consumer the information may help answer some of your concerns and as a gas engineer it will help you answer your customers fears and offer a sensible solution to their worries.

The post can be found here.

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