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Remember your box of Lego?


Over the weekend I took some time off to help my son build his Lego city. Great fun but really frustrating trying to find the right bit in the big box of Lego.

This brought back memories of my days “on the tools” where there seemed to be too many times when fixing a boiler I would be forced to go through my box of bits for just the right casing screw to replace the one I dropped behind the kitchen units, or finding that my tube of sealant had sealed itself shut because I hadn’t put the top on, or even the frantic search for an off-cut of gasket rope to replace the damaged bit in the casing.

Now Regin have come to the rescue with their Boiler First Aid Box.

It has already saved a number of our customers in tight spots and most of our regulars have bought one just in case (and then used a bit of it almost within days).

It is a box of all the most common items used in serving and repairing boilers and has 28 labelled sections containing bits that you might need in an emergency.

All the bits can be replaced as each section has it replacement pack clearly labelled so you don’t need to buy another box each time you use one of the items.

Click here to see a listing of components the blog for a full run down of what it holds as you will find almost every item is something that you will have used or needed with the last few weeks.

The kit is basic in its idea but brilliant in use.

For price and avialability click here.
(remember registered Gas Installers get discounts)

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Paul, Gary, Dave and Rob

The Gas Boiler Parts Team

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