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Out with the old and in with the new.


Over the past few weeks I have given the odd recommendation on usefull products for your average Gas Safety Installer.

I know it looks like I just pick one at random but actually before I let everyone know about any new products I always like to do a little testing and get some feedback first, just to make sure I am not selling a lemon.

So although this was released in February I have waited to tell you until we have tried it ourself and some of our shop customers have given some feedback on their experiences but now the results are in and they show that Kamco are going the right way with the changes they have made on the new CF90 Quantum 2.

If you are looking for possibly the best powerflush machine to replace your current (ahem) lesser quality unit then your search is over.

Although it was already the markets favourite machine Kamco looked at the CF90 and decided there were some bits that could be made better and they also made the bold decission to try and get the product 100% British.

With new tooling I think they are nearly there with the official “Made in Britain” stamp but they have deffinately sorted out all the rough edges.

For information on the difference between the old and the new version click here.

For price and avialability click here.
(remember registered Gas Installers get discounts)

As always, if you have any questions, comments or anything specific you would like looked at let me know –

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We read them all and will consider all sensible options so don’t be shy, talk to us.


Paul, Gary, Dave and Rob

The Gas Boiler Parts Team

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