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First impressions can be wrong.

Last night I watched the Brilliant 24 hours in A and E for the first time. I haven’t watched it before as I rarely watch the same TV as my wife, who controls the remote (that’s a whole other story).

If you haven’t heard of it the BBC have put cameras all over a London Accident and Emergency Hospital ward and show “highlights” of a 24 hour period.

Last night they had a number of patients as usual but one stuck out as a perfect example of how first impressions (and diagnosis) can be so wrong.

This builder had knocked his shoulder as he fell backwards into a small hole and the first thought of the staff was that it was simple dislocated shoulder except that the big tough “cream puff” builder (his words) was shouting and screaming in pain every time they went near his arm.

Now I have never dislocated my shoulder but one of my best friends has on many occasions and I have even helped him put it back. It hurts but is not as bad as this bloke was making it seem.

After a little bit prodding and poking the nurses put aside their first impressions and looked again. This time with the help of an X-ray they saw something they had not seen before in more than 30 years of practice. The shoulder had come out and lodged in his collar bone meaning every movement was making bone scrape against bone, a very, very painful thing.

It only took a few minutes to fix (after they had put him to sleep) and when he woke up he was almost back to normal.

The lesson I took away from this short episode was that sometimes you have to look a little deeper, sometimes not everything as as it seems and sometimes first impressions can be wrong.

This happens all the time, especially at work as when your job becomes repetitive like servicing boilers or you always see the same faults on call outs. Taking a few minutes extra just to make sure can mean the difference between a job well done and a job half cocked, a single visit to a happy customer or multiple visits to an ex-customer.

This applies to us here at www.gasboilerparts.co.uk too which is why we check everything at least twice be it stock, an order, its packaging or anything else. We take this very seriously so if you ever have a problem with a part or the service we offer or think there is something we can do better we want to know, don’t sit and seethe, tell us so we can make sure it never happens again.



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