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HRH visits LBB.

Yesterday Bromley suffered/enjoyed (delete as appropriate) a visit by none other than Her Royal Highness, The Queen.

It was all part of her Jubilee events but why Bromley, I am not sure. However, appart from the torrential rain and possibly the coldest May day for years it all went quite well.

Schools allowed children to miss the morning to go and see her and wave the copious amounts of flags that have recently been sold and handed out but all in all everybody enjoyed the experience.

Except anybody who had to get anywhere near Bromley for their work.

You see, because Her Majesty had a little stroll from the Council offices, past the Queens Gardens and through The Glades shoppping centre, all of central Bromley was sensibly closed to traffic. The knock on effect of this was that all of the general area around Bromley was gridlocked for most of the morning.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time traffic has been brought to a standstill in Bromley and it will not be last by any stretch of the imagination. Neither is it a problem just for Bromley as almost all the towns and citys accross the UK suffer regular traffic congestion and it will only get worse (I am not going near London during the Olympics this summer).

But what does this have to do with gas boilers?

Directly nothing, but indirectly everything, as travelling time between jobs starts to take up more and more of your time and traveling to and from your parts suppliers and merchants is taking its unafair share of your day.

Now I can’t help with the travelling to the jobs but I can with the journeys for parts as ordering with Gas Boiler Parts takes all the strain out of getting the bits you need to do your job.

Wether it is a boiler spare, tool or consumable, www.gasboilerparts.co.uk can help by delivering your order quickly and with no fuss to exactly where you need it.



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