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Hindsight, stopcocks and embarrassing leaks.

Hi Paul,

You remember the harsh overnight freezes a few weeks ago probably more because of the number of callouts to leaking and burst pipes than the cold.

I know I do as over that weekend I had calls from three friends all with varying degrees of cold pipe problems ranging from a frozen condense to a collapsed ceiling in the main bedroom because of a burst pipe.

Being “in the trade” I helped organize repairs for all three with relief that it didn’t happen to me. That was until I got into work on the Monday morning to find not one but two leaks in our warehouse due to a member of staff not being able to turn off the mains stopcock before the weekend as it had seized-up!

Lessons learned by us all but surely with advances in technology over the last 50 years there is a better way of isolating a stop cock.

Queue the drum roll and enter the …..

surestop stopcock replacement

But wait Paul, before you move on, there is more to this than a simple stopcock replacement:

* Remote switch option means an end to digging through cupboards of stuff to find the stopcock.

* Easy to turn off and on, just like a light switch.

* WRAS approved as a stopcock, no need for both but also no need to remove the existing stopcock.

* No Batteries and no electrical supply!

Find out more about the surestop stopcock replacements here:


So that next time you are faced with a stiff stopcock, have difficulty getting to the stopcock or can’t find it because the homeowner doesn’t know where it is remember the easiest, most cost effective upgrade you can fit.


Paul, Gary, Dave and Rob
The Gas Boiler Parts Team

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