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What happened to my Scrap?

Over the past few years there has been a marked increase in metal theft. I know because a couple of years ago our copper tube store was raided and all of our brass fittings (a whole wall of containers) were stolen. Very organised as they had even gone to the trouble of cutting the telephone lines to the whole block a few hours before smashing our gates.

You may have heard of statues, monuments and even street furniture and manhole covers being stolen.

As an installer you may have been the target of petty thieves stealing your scrap off your customers property (I know a number of my local customers have had this happen).

But whatever the reason, method or type of metal all scrap has to go through a dealer.

Now most scrap metal dealers are fine upstanding businessmen but a few have learnt too much from the Three Wise Monkeys!

In an effort to stop this Operation Tornado has been launched in stages around the UK. Essentially voluntary, it places a lot of responsibility on the metal merchant to identify and keep records of their customers. In return the Police and other Government agencies (HMRC?) will focus more on the merchants who don’t “join in”.

This will probably lead to a decrease in the payouts for scrap metal which I think is acceptable but a few disagree.

What do you think?

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