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Why I nearly dropped my coffee?


Over the weekend I read an article in the Daily Mail about a new plan by the Government related to the Green Deal due in October.

Not unusual but the plan stopped me dead (and I nearly dropped my coffee)…

This new plan presented the idea that if a boiler has broken down the customer will not be able to get it repaired or have a new boiler installed unless they agree to have loft or wall insulation installed and those who can’t afford it will be able to borrow the money via the Green Deal.

The report also indicated that in some cases the work would have to wait until someone from the local Council has visited and done an assessment to measure the energy efficiency of the property.

This idea is currently “in consultation” (like the rest of the Green Deal) but still, this sounds like the worst possible solution to energy efficiency for the consumer AND the worst result for the gas industry as there is a real fear that the number if dodgy cowboy builders and heating engineers will rise overnight as they will be willing to fit the new boiler (badly and probably unsafe) without notifying the Council or completing the necessary paperwork.

Not good for the end user or the legal, quality heating engineers.

I will be doing a series of blog posts over the next few weeks about the Green Deal and its potential impact on this industry as well as debunking some of the exaggerated scare stories (like this one) currently circulating in the industry news.

If you have any questions, comments or anything specific you would like looked at let me know –

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