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When is an AM delivery NOT an AM delivery?


When is an AM delivery NOT and AM delivery? When you want it, pay for it, wait for it and don’t get it until PM!

Recently I have been buying stuff from various web sites and have been testing the various delivery options offered by the suppliers and I have to say that my original decission to offer basic Next Day delivery on gasboilerparts.co.uk was right.

You see back when we first designed our website we thought long and hard about what delivery options we should offer and given our experience with most of the UK’s couriers over the last 20 years we did not feel that any of them could actually deliver on the prommised AM or timed slots.

I know that these are tempting and I have used them myself, twice in the last week, but on both occassions I have been let down. Luckily the websites have agreed to refund the additional charges but I still feel let down by the fact that they are offering something they cannot guarantee.

If you take the time to select a timed slot I think it is reasonable you get your purchases delivered when you requested and not to chase the delivery company and supplier to find out when you might get the goods!

So where am I going with this?

Well firstly they shouldn’t offer what they can’t deliver and secondly refunding the charge is a nice but not the result we wanted.

This is why we (currently) do not offer AM or timed deliveries on our checkout page. Our experience with the top 10 couriers has shown that only about 50% of timed deliveries are on time and morning deliveries only do a little better.

However this does not mean I don’t keep testing the network and if you want a different delivery option then we can offer the full range of options by simply giving us a call once your order has been placed.

But, as a solution, I recognise that this is not ideal which is why I am interested in what you actually want!


If you have a preference for delivery options or have any ideas or suggestions on what service you would like to be offered please let me know –

Tweet it to our Twitter page

Comment on our Facebook page

Or simply reply to this email. [email to info@gasboilerparts.co.uk please ]

We read them all and will consider all sensible options so don’t be shy, talk to us.


Paul, Gary, Dave and Rob

The Gas Boiler Parts Team

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