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7 Summer Jobs for Gas Engineers.

It’s Summer, the evenings are longer, the days are warmer (normally) and you are tearing your hair out as your work has dropped off in recent weeks.

In some cases this leads to frantic price slashing, depression or siting by the phone willing it to ring.

But that need not be how you spend your Summer with these simple, easy to implement (and not exactly earth shattering) tips:

1) Do your Servicing in the Summer.

   There is really no reason why you can’t do the majority of your servicing in the Summer these years, especially as boilers now have longer warranties that need the boilers to be serviced every year to comply with the terms of the warranty.
So try moving the regular services you do to the Summer months when you have more time to do a complete job and are not rushing to get to your next breakdown.
Of course, if the boiler was installed in the winter, then you can either pull the service date forward or backwards a few months each year until it falls in he spring or autumn.

2) Contact your customers.

   Sounds obvious but since you have more time on your hands, make contact with your customers. You can do it from the garden at home and it becomes less like work but, when you speak to them, you might be surprissed how many customers will remember the little job they need doing but keep forgetting to call you.
However, do this from the office (or home) so you can really concentrate as calling whilst driving will not allow you to give your customer your full atention and they will pick up on this.

3) Get your tools in order.

   Yes, this might cost some money but servicing your flue gas analyser will be easier in the Summer when you can schedule a time that you won’t need it (unlike winter when it is needed nearly every day).
You might also have a look at your drill, powerflush machine, ladders and even screwdrivers etc. as if they are damaged they may be dangerous or let you down in the middle of the job when you really need to be able to rely on them.

4) Boiler replacements.

   Yes we all know this is the best time of year to do the big jobs but your customers probably don’t so let them know that during the summer there is less disruption during the job and that servicing will then be easier. You could also get back in touch with all the customers whose boilers you kept limping on through the winter and remind them that next winter might be worse!

5) Marketing.

   Whilst you might have a bit of time on your hands now would be a good time to look at marketing. I am not an expert but I do now that there is more to it than the Yellow Pages and a web site. You might also want to look at the industry in general and what is on its way (Green Deal).

6) Don’t waste time in traffic.

   Since you might be home a bit more, calling customers, sorting your tools etc. it would make sense if you let couriers do the driving for you and got your service packs, consumables, new tools etc. delivered to you by ordering online (www.gasboilerparts.co.uk are a good start!)

7) Work smarter to get free time.

   Lastly, now that you have started using your quiet time more productivly, enjoy the nice weather and recharge your batteries before the summer comes to an end (in a couple of weeks probably).

Just because you have less work doesn’t mean you have to work less!


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